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Bars, Pubs and Clubs

A note on bars in Raleigh. North Carolina has a long history of alcohol prohibition. There are still counties in North Carolina where alcohol cannot be sold. Besides creating a great history in the art of moonshine, this has also led to some unusual remnant laws.

There are no liquor stores in North Carolina. Except for beer and wine, alcohol must be bought at state alcoholic beverage control stores (ABC Stores). For Raleigh, a bar must either have most of its sales be food or it must be a private membership club. This is not a good thing for tourism, as a stranger must find someone to let them be their guest. However, most memberships are quick, cheap (often $1) and non-exclusive.

Additionally, restaurant/bar combinations are most prevalent.

The Berkeley Cafe Warehouse District Also serves food. Has been mostly taken over by a techno/hip hop club culture. Old pleasant building. Also known for open mike.
The Jackpot NCSU Many of the finest aspects of a dive bar. Serves an around 30 crowd. Not pretentious like a club. Disasterous pool tables. Likely to be playing old punk.
Snookers NCSU Very nice pool tables. Good atmosphere. Leagues take up many tables on many nights.
Champions West Raleigh Appear to be taking over pool halls in Raleigh. Have Mission Valley and former Rack 'em up West.
The Flying Saucer Warehouse District Young professional bar famous for its many flavors on tap.
The Brewery NCSU Dark and dirty small show live music club. See also Musical Venues.
Legends Warehouse District Most popular gay club. Hosts long running drag show.
Flex Warehouse District Somewhat risque gay club!
East Village NCSU Big porch overlooking Hillsborough St. Popular with fraternity crowd.
Arthur's Top of the Tower Glenwood South Restaurant bar at top of Clarion. Exceptional view of downtown.
Tir Na Nog Downtown Central Irish themed bar and restaurant. Not sure how Irish shrimp and grits is though.
Harrison's Bar and Grill Cary Popular sports pub. Same owners as similar Saw Mill Tap Room and Village Draft House.
Havana Deluxe Glenwood South Cigars and Martinis.
The Office Warehouse District Nice clothes nightclub for young professionals


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